Does your website give a professional look?

Are you a professional? Are you having your own professional website? If your answers to these question are in “positive” that means “yes”. Then I would definitely like to ask you another important question, “Does your website give a professional look”? If you don’t know what you should reply then answer these questions in “yes” or “no”.  But Before answering my questions,  just have a look at your own website. See your website as a visitor, from the visitors’ perspective and not as an owner of website. Observe each and every section of your website very carefully. So have you done? Now answer these questions truly:

  • Are there many images in your website?
  • Is navigation in your website complex and time-taking?
  • Is your website loaded with too much content?
  • Is your website very gaudy?
  • Is your website having many menus?

If your answers are most of the time “yes”, then you should work over your website and obviously your website does not give a professional look at all.  As far as I have observed professional websites, a professional website needs to look simple, sober yet eye-catching. Professional websites should not be very complicated and complex in its design and structure.  A professional website should be very simple. You know what a skilled web designer has enough knowledge about the colors to be used in web designing depending upon the type of websites.  A skillful web designer always uses soothing & cool colors in a professional website. A professional website should have limited number of images and that too exactly according the content and theme of website. There should not be anything extra in a professional website. Minimum advertisements should be displayed on a professional website.

If your professional website is just according to the above mentioned standard then you need not worry about your website and no doubt that your website gives a professional look. You need not get your website redesigned but yes if your website is lacking above mentioned standard then you must get it redesigned as soon as possible before it destroy or degrade  the image of your profession.

Websofy Software (P) Ltd. also provides website redesigning service. So if you feel that your website is not giving a professional look, you can get it redesigned by us. You are most welcome by Websofy.


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