What should you do in order to increase ranking of your website?

Well friends we all know that present era is internet era. And having a website for your business, company or any other organization or sector has become quite important. Okay now when you have got your website designed it is necessary that your website remain visible on maximum search engines, so that whenever anyone search anything that is related to your website, search engine must display the url of your website too along with other websites. Now the question is how you can make your website appear on maximum search engine list and maximum number of times. Well for that purpose you will have to increase the ranking of your website. Now I would like to share with you some important steps that should be followed if you want to increase the ranking of your website. There is work known as SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. SEO includes following works which helps in increasing your website ranking. I would like to tell them all to you in a nutshell. These are as follows:

         ·            Directory Submission: Directory Submission means submitting the URL of your website along with the details of your website like to whom it belong, what work and services the owner of that website delivers. You can get the list of Directory Submission with the help of Google. Well there are mainly three types of directory submission: (i) Regular link-Free (ii) Regular link with reciprocal link (iii) Featured Link submission. You can choose any of them.

·            Blog Submission: These days blog writing has become a fad even celebs create their own blogs. So you can also create a blog for your company and keep adding new content on regular basis. This will certainly help in increasing your website ranking. You can create blog free of cost on Blogger, word press, and there are many other blog websites.

·            Article Submission: Just like blog you can also submit articles on behalf of your company that are useful and well informative. If you search on Google you will find a large list of article submission websites. Firstly you will have to register yourself on that website and after that you can add as many articles as you wish.

·            Forum Submission: Forum Submission is also an important task under SEO. There are many forum websites, where you can easily register and start participating in discussion or can post your own thread. Remember there are certain guidelines that you need to follow while posting a comment or reply in an existing thread in a forum and you must follow them otherwise your account will be blocked.

·            Classified Ads Submission: Well we all know that there are large no. of classified ads websites over internet, some allows only paid while some allows both type of ad paid as well as free. So according to your wish and finance you can either post a free ad of your website or paid ads. This will certainly help in increasing the ranking of your website.

·            Local Listing: You can make your listing in local yellow and white pages by submitting your URL over there. It’s very easy and quick way to increase your website ranking.

·            Bookmarking: There are many bookmarking websites like diggo, reddit, delicious, etc. in which you can register yourself and bookmark websites over there. The more you bookmark your website the more traffic you will attract towards your website.

·            Press Release: Press Release is also one of the tasks to be performed under SEO. You can get the list of Press release website on Google. But remember do press release only when the news is very important and significant don’t submit spam posts.


So these are the eight task that are performed under SEO in order to increase the ranking of your website and anyone who is having basic knowledge of computer and internet can perform these tasks with the help of some training.

So what are you waiting for? Start performing these tasks and make your website reach the top in the search engine list.


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