Understanding Logo

Friends we all have seen large number of logos in our life. In fact daily we see some or the other logo either on poster while on the way or television while watching TV. Well what you feel when you see any logo? Firstly I think you must think to which company it belongs to, especially if its design and color is eye catching. Then you can’t stop yourself thinking about that company. Earlier only big companies used to have their logos, but now even small companies get their logos designed. Okay now what is a logo? If you observe logos of different companies and brands then you will find that a logo is a name, symbol or trademark of a company or organization. A logo can be made up of text only or image only or combination of both. Logo communicates the goal and philosophy of company to which it belongs.


Types of Logos:

Text Logo:A logo that contains only text is called a text logo. It either contain full name of company if name is short or main letters of company name. Like logo of Bing, HBO, Virgin mobiles etc.


Symbol Logo: Symbol logo uses an image or images to represent the image of company. That is why it is necessary to choose a proper and suitable image for the company of your logo. An improper image can pass a wrong message to the people.


Text and Symbol Logo: A little bit amount of text if addedwith an image, compliment that image. Sometimes even abbreviations are used to compliment image in a logo of company. You should select an image keeping the audience choice and interest in mind.


Now there is a question that why a logo is needed? Well we all know that images drives attention more quickly than words and it stay in mind for longer period. So in order to make public remember your company, you must design a logo. A logo gives recognition to a brand or company and adds visual appeal to the web page or other company documents.

Your logo should be simple and compatible with your company image. For instance if you want to design a logo for an NGO, you wouldn’t choose flashy colors, or typical images because it will not be compatible with the nature of your organization. So be careful while choosing an image for a logo.

Your logo should be simple. As we all know simplicity is best. Your logo should be such which can be easily resized, it should be available in various sizes small, medium, large, a print and web version should be available of your logo and a black-white and color version.

Then what is important is the uniqueness of your logo. Your logo should be unique as it is the visual representation of your company or business. Your logo must be seen as a logo not a clip art. It should not be common. Secondly if you copy anyone else logo, you will violate the copyright rules.

A logo is one of the simplest ways to make a brand name recognition impact.

There are five principles that you should follow to ensure that this is so…


An effective logo is:


  • Simple
  • Unique
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Compatible

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