Website Development in Lucknow

Lucknow is a wonderful city. As we all know it is popularly known as “City of Nawabz”. Lucknow is famous for its etiquette, chikan work, monuments and rich culture. Lucknow is the most populous state of India. At present, Lucknow is developing at a fast speed. It has become an education hub. Large numbers of schools, colleges, institutes, private coaching institutes have been set up in Lucknow in past few years. It is among the top ten rapidly growing and developing non-major metropolitan cities of India. Now let us understand what is website designing and development? Website designing and development is a process of designing a website and making it run over internet and remain available to the users worldwide. Website designing and web development requires lots of creativity and innovation. If your concept is clear, you know about your targeted audience then you can definitely design and develop attractive website. Proper understanding of shapes, lines, colors, and texture is essential to design an eye-catching website. Websites designing and web development includes two types (i) Static website & (ii) Dynamic website. Web development can range from developing the simplest website having coding in simple form to the most complex websites using complex coding and assistance of many web developers. Websofy Software (P) Ltd. understands ins and outs of website designing and development. Earlier having a website for a company or business was considered as a fad and it was more prevalent in metro-cities. But now even in non-metro cities like Lucknow, people have started getting their business website or company website designed. At Websofy highly skilled professional web developers work for designing and developing a website. Our web developers are skilled professionals having long term experience in website designing & web development.


Role of website in your business

Role of website in your business

Well at present era we all are aware of the fact that use of internet for getting information on any topic has been become indispensable. Whenever anyone wants some information he/she search it over internet or I can say “Google”. Let me ask you do you not search information of companies, products and business services over internet? I know the answer is big and emphatic “yes”. Today era has become online era that is why no matter how well is your business going on; online presence of your business makes your economy boom. The first and foremost step to have online presence is to have your own website. Website designing and development is a process which includes domain name registration as an important and quintessential step. Suppose your business name is “Nawabz chikan & zari stop “then obviously you would like to register your domain name as or any other extension (.org,.in,.biz etc.). If the name is available, you will easily get your website name. There are many companies that provide this facility.  I would like to say that you should choose a good website designing & developing company to get your website designed. A company which can understand the concept and vision of your business, and design your website accordingly. Once your website is ready and is hosted on www. Anyone can get to know about your business with the help of your website. Your website makes your presence not only in your own city but all over world. Now whosoever would like to get the information about places where chikan and zari items are available, they can find your name also there in the search results list and can contact you easily. Thus you can understand how significant role a website plays in your business. Just do one thing more get your website name published in your business cards, receipt book, banners etc. Now-a-days having own business website has become a need rather than a craze or fad. We all know that people interact more online than offline these days. Everything is getting online like banking, reservation, gas booking, and admission in colleges, exams and many more. So what are you waiting for get your website designed and grow your business. “Let the world know about you and your business!”


Advantage of having a business website

  • Your business’s presence all over world
  • Online promotion of your business without any hassle
  • Customers get to know about you and your products easily
  • Interested customers can contact you easily
  • Your website leaves a good impression over customers
  • Website enhance your market reputation


If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?

If you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?

Let me guess, today’s era is e-era. what i mean to say that everyone is doing almost everywork through mostly people communicate through social networking sites, e-mails, chatting and so on. Every one is computer savvy…

In this era of development it is very important for us to have our own identity to be precise unique identity over internet…That’s why most of the people want to have their own website whether at personal level or professional level..and then want it to be promoted all over the world…

Especially a person in business field should have his own website in order to expand his business….so We think that without wasting time you should contact us “Websofy Software Private Limited” to get your dream website made…

Own your website at reasonable cost and remain happy forever…your happiness is our reward

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The importance of website design is no more hidden to anyone. All of you expect to make your website look so attractive in front of your visitors that they visit it again and again. Whether you are going to design your website or hire a website design company for this work, it is very imperative to focus on certain factors like; scope of your business, type of customers and the different product line which you are offering to your customers. This article will provide you with some of the very interesting tips which you will require for designing your web pages.

1. Avoid Intense Images

If your website is filled with heavy images and graphics, then it may take long time to load. Visitors usually doesn’t wait for a long time for a site to open, therefore, it is wise to be clear in mind that what exactly you need to focus on other than inserting unnecessary images.

Another way to improve the credibility of your website is to provide it with fresh and legible content. Keep a note of the background color and the font size of your content that you use for your web page. An effectual content can immensely increase the creativity of your web design.

3. Scan Your Project Thoroughly

It is always better to scan all the images and characters of your content on a scanner and look for their feasibility and how effective they look like? You can check your images by using filters or by tracing it live in an Illustrator. Try different textures while drawing images and this will give an exact idea of your imaginative work.

4. Be yourself When Using Pictures

Most of the designers choose photos for website from the stock sites. It may happen that those same photos may be used by some other designers as well. Therefore, to ensure the creativity for your web pages it better to take your own pictures. This will not only make your web page look different from others but also will enhance your experience in creative designing.

5. Try Different Designing Programs

Generally most of the designers use Adobe Photoshop to incorporate their designs but you may look for some other design programs as well like; Cinema4D. You can check your potential to develop effective designs by using various designing programs. After all, it’s all about how different you make your site from others.

6. Create Search Engine-Friendly URLs

While creating URLs for your website make sure that the keywords entered by you in it are easily readable by the search engines. This helps your site to open up quickly and enhances its functionality as well.

7. Follow Your Own Trends

In the designing industry, the one who follows his own sets of rules and procedures is known as trendsetter. You may try blending different styles in various formats which will give you a complete creative art work ready as design for your web page.

I am sure that above tips will give you a clear idea about creative and useful web designing. Try them while designing your website and you will definitely take benefit of your business website.